Radnor Ice Hockey Club Athletic Code of Conduct

Student participation in the Radnor Ice Hockey Club is a privilege, not a right.

A student athlete’s participation in interscholastic athletics is contingent upon their full compliance
with all provisions of this Athletic Code of Conduct and the Radnor High School Student Handbook. The
following goals will serve as the foundation for the specific provisions within this Code of Conduct:

Our goals are:

1. To develop and maintain the highest level of sportsmanship and represent Radnor High School
proudly both on and off the ice.

2. To develop proper attitudes toward winning and losing-- success and failure.

3. To encourage and develop respect for fellow athletes whether they are teammates, member’s
of other Radnor athletic teams, or members of opposing teams.

4. To assure that the amount of time required for athletic participation does not interfere with
academic success. Academics comes before athletics.

5. To develop proper attitudes and behaviors toward individual health habits, appearance on and
off the ice, and citizenship in and out of school.

6. To encourage competition not only for the tangible rewards but also for the development of
positive attitudes that makes athletic competition valuable and worthwhile.

7. To maintain the highest standard of ethics, recognize each participant as an individual who will
conduct him/herself in a manner befitting his/her responsibilities to this Code, to his/her
teammates and coaches, and develop the kind of rapport with the broader school community
demonstrating what it means to be a Radnor Ice Hockey Club athlete.

Code of Conduct for Parents:

1. Be positive with your son/daughter. Let them know that they are accomplishing something by
being part of the team and representing Radnor High School.

2. Encourage them to work hard and do their best.

3. Encourage and insist that athletes follow the rules of this Code and as outlined in the Radnor
High School Student Handbook. Players must follow rules pertaining to alcohol and illegal
substance use, promptness, and school, etc.

4. As a fan, you are entitled to cheer enthusiastically for your team, but don’t become belligerent.
Coaches work with athletes and know their talents. Respect that.

5. Insist that the athletes respect team rules, school rules, game officials, and sportsmanship.
Self‐respect begins with self‐control.

6. Encourage the athletes to improve their self‐image by believing in themselves.

7. Encourage your athlete to play for the love of the game.

8. Remember: at a competition you, the parent, represent the Club, our team, our school, and
your son/daughter. Please be a positive role model.

Athletic Code of Ethics:

1. Accept and understand the seriousness of your responsibility as an athlete and the privilege of
representing your school and community.

2. Learn and know the rules of your sport thoroughly. This will assist you in achieving a better
understanding and appreciation of the game and promote fair play.

3. Cooperate fully with coaches and officials, always exercise good sportsmanship, abiding by the
rules as they are stated.

4. Only the captain or alternate captain may communicate with officials on the clarification of
rules. It is his/her responsibility to communicate what was said back to his/her teammates
and/or coach.

5. Always respect the official’s judgment and interpretation of the rules. Never argue or make
non‐verbal gestures that indicate disagreement. This type of immature activity may invite
undesirable behavior on the part of teammates, the other team, or spectators. Remember, you
are an important role model for others.
6. Congratulate opponents in a sincere manner following either victory or defeat. This is a true
measure of character and sportsmanship.

Athletic Code of Conduct

1. Abide by the Radnor Ice Hockey Club Code of Conduct and the Radnor High School Student

2. Detention: An athlete may not participate in any extracurricular activity until detention has
been completed.

3. Out‐of‐School/In‐School Suspension: An athlete may not participate in any extracurricular
activity until the suspension period has concluded and the student has been formally
readmitted to school.

4. School Absences: An athlete may not participate in any extra‐curricular activity unless he/she
has been present in school for a full day of attendance (must be in school no later than 9:30
a.m.). The only exceptions to this rule are excused absences such as doctor/dentist
appointments, college visitations, court appearances, or other extraordinary circumstances. It is
incumbent that the parent ensures loss of school time is minimized when making such
appointments. This applies to Saturday/Sunday games if absent on Friday.

5. Attendance:

A.   A player is expected to be at all practices and games. The entire team depends on full
B.   In rare cases, a player may find it necessary to miss a practice or a game. The player must
request permission from the coach and not pass on the reasons for being absent through
another player. This applies even if the player is not in school that day.
C.   If family obligations are known to a player in advance that would cause a player to miss a
game or practice, this must be made known to the coach at the earliest possible time. The
coach will let the player know if the reason is acceptable. Consequences will be established
by the coach if necessary.

7. Dismissal/Quitting the Team: Any student who quits or is dismissed from the team will not be
allowed to participate in that activity or attend that particular activity until that sport season has
concluded. The student athlete will not be eligible to participate in the following year’s season.
We realize that some team members are unfamiliar with certain sports and may desire to drop
out after trying the sport. They may do so without penalty if they drop out prior to the first
game. Players who quit will not be eligible for any potential refund of club dues. Any exceptions
to this rule are subject to review by the Radnor Ice Hockey Club President and League Director.

8. Sportsmanship: Any athlete who exhibits excessive unsportsmanlike behavior shall be ineligible
to participate in the next regularly scheduled game. Repeat offenders may be removed from the
team for the entire season. The Coach and League Director will be involved in extenuating

9. If a team member is not functioning with a positive attitude and becoming a disruption to the
team, a formal meeting will be held with the coach/league director and the player to correct the
situation. The coach/league director may suspend the player for a period of time. If the
condition continues, the individual may be terminated from the team.

10. Alcohol and Substance Abuse: The use, possession, sale or distribution of tobacco, tobacco
products, alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or performance enhancing substances, or drug
paraphernalia is a violation of the Radnor Ice Hockey Club Athletic Code of Conduct. This policy
is consistent with the Radnor High School Student Handbook and with the exception that the
Radnor Ice Hockey Club Code extents to all student activities on and off school property while in
season. The loitering of a student athlete in the vicinity where alcohol or drugs are used,
possessed, sold or distributed illegally is also a violation of the Code of Conduct. Players that find
themselves in a compromising situation with regard to this section of the Code shall
immediately remove themselves from the situation. On ice performance will only be degraded
through the use of these substances and violations will not be tolerated.

SELF-ADMITTANCE – A Student-athlete may self-admit a substance violation incident to
the League Director/Coach and face no penalty. This is a onetime offer only and may not
be used to avert a penalty that has been or will be discovered through “normal”
occurrences, i.e. the police have already made an arrest or citation. Once the athlete
has come forward, the student-athlete will call a team meeting prior to the next
scheduled practice or game. Student-athlete will explain why the Code violation
occurred and his reasoning for the violation. The student –athlete will commit to his
teammates and coach that another event will not occur. If, another event occurs, the
event will be treated as a second offense with stern consequences. The self-admittance
program is designed to offer to the student-athletes a tool to help foster good decision
making throughout their life and to be accountable for their actions.

11. Community Representation: Athletes are role models who should represent their team, the
Radnor Ice Hockey Club, Radnor High School, and community in a positive manner.
Consequently, any inappropriate or unlawful action committed by an athlete on or off school
property is subject to penalty. Such penalties may include suspension from the team. If in the
discretion of a coach or director a student’s citizenship or image is extremely poor, a
conference will be held with the student, his/her parents, Club officials if applicable.
Consideration will be made at that time to the student’s future participation on Radnor Ice
Hockey Club teams. It is expected that these conferences will rarely occur.

12. Academic ineligibility: Philosophy- All parties (school personnel, parents, and student’s and fans
of Radnor Ice Hockey Club) acknowledge that academic endeavors have priority over athletics
and extra‐curricular activities. Participation in these activities is an honor and a privilege. The
Radnor Ice Hockey Club recognizes that while extra‐curriclar activities provide opportunity for
personal improvement, contribution to the school, self‐realization of potential, and education of
the whole person, participation in these activities cannot take precedence over academic
pursuits. Every effort must be made to keep grades stable or improving.