Here are some important things to know before you register:

Please do not registration on your phone or tablet, it will not be easy. We recommend you complete the registration on a computer with a printer, so you can print the required documents to fill out and your confirmation when done. You will also have a confirmation emailed to the email address you provided.

Get a VALID USA hockey number for the 2023-24 year

In order to complete your registration, you will need to enter a valid 2023-24 USA Hockey Number for each player. Visit the USA Hockey Registration Site and click on “Register Now.”

Complete the online registration. 

Click the "Correct Team Registration Button" button below

To complete the registration, you will be required to acknowledge the three RIHC waivers:

  • Radnor Ice Hockey Code of Conduct
  • Financial Commitment to Radnor Ice Hockey Club

You will be required to PRINT, FILL OUT, AND SCAN the following document, it is not required to complete the registration.  The Physical Evaluation will just need to be handed in completed before the first practice:

  • PIAA Comprehensive Initial Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation (High School Teams Only)
  • RIHC Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation (Middle School and Elementary Teams Only)

***These documents will be presented to you as part of the registration process, or you can Click the "Player Forms" button below and print and prepare the forms before registering.

Please Note: If an alternative payment schedule or a request for financial assistance is needed due to financial hardship, please complete the Radnor Ice Hockey Club Financial Assistance Information Click the "Financial Assistance Page" button below.