Who is eligible to play for the RIHC middle school team?

To be eligible to register for the RIHC Middle School team, your son or daughter must reside in Radnor school district. If your child lives in a district where there is no school league or attends a private school, he/she may also be eligible. If your child lives in the Radnor school district but attends a private school that has a school-based middle school team (e.g. Malvern), that player is not eligible to register for the RIHC Middle School Team.

What experience is needed for my child to join RIHC?

We have new players in all middle school grades.  It is never too late to start playing hockey.

What is the RIHC approach to hockey development?

The RIHC main goal is to develop all of our players, ultimately readying them for high school-level play.

    • To compete in each game and learn life-long values that will help our team mature and succeed as a collection of young players.
    • To further develop the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect for their teammates.
    • To accept the responsibility of becoming the best possible players on and off the ice.
    • To promote a winning attitude by giving their best effort in every practice and game.

The success of the season will not be solely measured by wins and losses, but what has been learned and executed on and off the ice from the beginning to the end of the season.

What about girls?

Girls are wanted!! None of the teams from elementary through middle school are exclusive to boys. Start playing middle school ice hockey now and continue through high school on the Radnor High School Girls team. In addition, girls can join the girls high school team as early as 7th grade.

If my child plays club hockey, why join the RIHC middle school team?

Even if your child plays club hockey, it is fun to play with others from your own community. If he/she plans to attend Radnor High School and play ice hockey, team building starts now!

What league does RIHC middle school team play in?

RIHC middle school team plays in the IceLine Middle School Hockey League.

Each year we try to field a team in the following divisions:

    • Developmental division
    • No-check competitive division.

How are teams formed/assigned?

There will be skills assessments at the beginning of the season where the players will be assigned to one of the teams. Size and safety are also considerations in team placement and given the players who have registered already.

When and where are practices?

Practice will be led by USA Hockey certified coaches and their assistants. Practices are once a week 5:10-6:10 PM. Sundays at the Center Ice Rink in Oaks. Practices start at the end of September and run through February. Your child must be registered prior to practice. There will be combined drills aimed at addressing different skill levels. Along with the hockey skill drills there will also be skating skills instruction.

When and where are games?

The season starts in October, there are 15 games in the season plus double-elimination play-offs. Games are played on Sundays and Mondays at IceLine in West Chester, with some Friday games in Hatfield or Oaks. To be eligible to play in the play-offs, each player must play 50% of regular season games. For this season, a player must play in at least 7 games to be eligible.

What is the process to register?

Registration will open in the summer

Email radnorhockey@gmail.com to be added to the registration email list to be notified when registration opens.

How much does it cost?

  • USA Hockey membership $50.00 / $80.00
  • We strive to make the cost the lowest we can it normally falls between $700 - $900.  Prices are announced when registration opens, **Depending on total costs and number of registrations**

This covers the entire hockey season, which is approximately 7 months (September to playoffs in April)

How do I purchase a uniform?

If your player needs a new jersey or is new to the club, uniforms can be order through the team uniform store on the team website.

When is it too late to register?

Once registration opens, registration will remain open until the team’s player counts reach a maximum player count that is optimum for player development.  The RIHC website will lock registration for the RIHC Middle School team when those numbers are reached.

What if my child has no equipment?

Full gear and stick required. Play it Again Sports (Berwyn) and Pure Hockey (Exton), and most rinks sell equipment.  The club also has some donated equipment we can assist with.

What if I have other questions?

General registration questions: Email  radnorhockey@gmail.com