Courtney Hett Schreiber Obituary

Courtney Hett Schreiber was born December 4, 1998 in West Chester, PA. In her youth, she loved sports and participated in many different activities such as the Martin’s Dam swim team, ballet with Novak & Kovalska Ballet and PA School of Classical Ballet, Radnor Rec soccer, and Radnor High School ice hockey. For many summers, she enjoyed sailing with her cousins in Williamsburg, VA and attending Camp Jewell in Colebrook, CT. She had a passion for the arts, particularly for creating music. She sang with the Wayne Presbyterian Youth Choir and played bass for the Radnor High School jazz band. Courtney also worked as a barista at Gryphon Cafe, where she cultivated lasting friendships and made delicious drinks.

Courtney possessed an ambitious spirit and a deep love for learning. She graduated from Radnor High School in 2017 and went on to attend Northeastern University, graduating with a B.S. in Physics in 2021. Courtney was designated a Fung Scholar for her 2020 co-op experience at the University of Milan, Italy, where she was part of a team researching the insertion of hydrogen into germanium quantum dots. The work was later published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C in October 2021. Her research experience in Milan was interrupted in February 2020. After graduating in 2021, she worked for Harmony Marketing Partners, and in January 2022, Courtney moved to South Philly. She planned to return to Milan in August 2022 to rejoin her research team but was diagnosed with leukemia shortly before her departure date. Even amidst her battle with cancer, she began a distance master’s program in Materials Science and Engineering with NC State in January 2023.

Courtney was an avid reader. She had a deep appreciation for a breadth of genres: from romantic Jane Austen classics to mind-bending quantum physics books. Courtney’s choice of hobbies can be summarized by a passion for creation. She had a great imagination and loved to write–composing poetry and even co-writing a fantasy adventure novel over the past ten years. She loved to learn complex concepts and was an advocate for social change. Courtney was a music lover. She had a lovely alto voice and often sang and played piano for her friends and family. Courtney even composed songs of her own. She had a passion for cooking and baking, and took great pleasure in making food and desserts for her friends and family.

Courtney passed away September 9, 2023 with her family at her side. She is survived by her parents: Amy and Eric Schreiber, older brothers Jake and Brett, and younger sister Nicole.

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